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Johanna Juntunen

Ratkaisukeskeinen erityistason psykoterapeutti, voimavarakeskeinen työnohjaaja, sosionomi AMK


Vaala:      Vaalantie 3 

Oulu:        Kasarmintie 13 A

Vastaanotto myös Puolangalla

p. 050-3601168




Psychotherapeutic treatment aims to treat mental illness, to remove or mitigate of psychical symptoms, to improve mental abilities or to remould personality traits.

Kela's reimbursment for rehabilitative psychotherapy

Finnish residents, who are covered by the National Health Insurance scheme of Finland (indicated by the personal Kela card), can apply for reimbursement for rehabilitative psychotherapy from Kela. The reimbursements cover approximately 50 percent of the costs for psychotherapy sessions. Reimbursement can be granted for a minimum of 1 year (25-80 sessions) and a maximum of 3 years (75-200 sessions).


Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) reimburses a share of the cost of rehabilitative psycotherapy 57,60euro per session.